The OQ DAO governance structure

The owners and decision makers of the OQ-DAO are all partners who have at least one OQ-Governance Token.

The ‘Holding for a New World’ holds and controls the wallet of the OQ-DAO.
The Board of the Holding consists of at least 5 persons and is accountable to the partners in the OQ-DAO. The OQ-DAO has the right to appoint and dismiss board members of the Holding, which is regulated through a protocol. One of the aspects of the protocol is that there should always be a gender balance.

‘OQ Consulting’ is the working company of the OQ-DAO.
It consists of a professional team that assesses the feasibility of projects and activities that are proposed and selected by the OQ-DAO. Members of the team can also be proposed and selected by the OQ-DAO for specific projects or activities.

Both OQ Consulting and the Holding for a New World are officially registered companies with limited liability at the Camera of Commerce of the Netherlands

Community of partners who are the owners and decision makers
Holding for a New World
Board elected by OQ-DAO to hold and control the
wallet on behalf of the OQ-DAO
Profesional team that supports the implementation of the activities and projects selected by the OQ-DAO

OQ-DAO activities

OQ-DAO builds upon and continues the previous experiences of OQ Consulting.

The intentions of the OQ DAO are:·      

·         To contribute to the promotion of human rights, gender equality and equity for all human beings: men, women, and non-binary persons of all ages, backgrounds, and in all their diversity.        

·         To contribute to a just and inclusive economic system that works for all human beings and creates a sound and sustainable living environment with respect for all life on Earth.   

·         To contribute to a spiritual transformation of humanity that enables all people to fully enjoy their human rights, and allows for living in peace and security, by eliminating all forms of violence, including domestic and gender-based violence at micro level, institutional violence at meso level, repressive violence and war crimes at macro level, and online hatred and violence at meta level.

To bring these intentions into action OQ-DAO foresees a range of activities from different clients, including the following:

Training and capacity building of politicians, policy makers, project managers, and civil servants on how they can create the conditions to promote human rights, gender equality and environmental justice for all.
·         Production of online gender training courses and e-books tailored to the specific needs of specific target groups.
·         Research and studies to inform policies at local, national, regional, and global level.
·         Assignments of monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes with a gender lens and sustainable perspectives, including learning from past experiences.
·         Organisation of events to share new insights on how to enhance human rights, gender equality and create a better quality of life for all.
·         Implementation of projects and programmes to enhance human rights, gender equality and equity for all, including the change of power relations in favour of those who historically have been harmed by slavery, racist and sexist discrimination, exclusion, and unfair treatment.
·         Implementation of projects and programmes for an inclusive sustainable economy that breaks with traditional mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination of women and all underserved communities, and discriminated people that have historically been marginalised.
·         Implementation of projects to promote the implementation of the UNSCR Women, Peace and Security Resolutions.

The above activities may be commissioned by clients such as (1) governmental bodies that call for proposals for tender procedures covering the above issues, or (2) companies that want to transform their business into a meaningful organisation or (3) the OQ-DAO itself can decide to organise a stand-alone activity, such as an online training, or a gender helpdesk.

Currently OQ Consulting has Long-Term Agreements (LTA) with UNICEF and UN-Women for the implementation of projects around promoting gender equality for their offices worldwide. If OQ receives requests for proposals for these LTAs, the OQ-DAO will decide if OQ is going to submit a proposal and what will be the budget to cover the acquisition costs for this proposal. The OQ-DAO will also decide who will prepare the proposal. OQ-DAO members can also propose themselves as candidate for the job.

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