Background OQ DAO

OQ-DAO is the governing body of OQ Consulting BV (hereinafter referred to as OQ), a company founded in 2004 by Thera van Osch. OQ is registered in the Netherlands and based on the core values of gender equality, human rights, and climate justice. The company's mission is to enhance the capabilities of individuals and organisations to establish a society that embodies the ethics of care and the principles of human rights, social justice, and environmental responsibility.

The origins of OQ can be traced back to Thera van Osch's work in the field of gender and development, which she began in the 1980s. Van Osch was struck by the extent to which development projects often ignored the needs and perspectives of women and girls, who made up half of the world's population. As a result, she became committed to the cause of gender equality and worked for several years as a gender advisor for international development organisations.

In 2004, Van Osch founded OQ Consulting with the aim of promoting gender equality and social justice in a more holistic way. She wanted to create a company that would not only provide training and consultancy services but also challenge the dominant economic model that prioritised profit over people and the environment.

OQ's commitment to a more caring and inclusive economic model led to the establishment of the School of Caring Economics. The school's objective is to construct a human-rights based economic model that is focused on a sustainable balance between the human, ecological and economical dimensions of society. This approach is outlined in the "Manifesto for a New Economic Order," which advocates for leaving the old patterns of economic thinking behind, and for constructing a new human rights-based and inclusive economic model that cares for people and the planet.

In addition to its work on gender equality and caring economics, OQ has built solid expertise in research and evaluation. The company's network of experts are highly sought consultants in their field, with a particular focus on Institutional gender transformation and capacity building.

The OQ-DAO is established as the governing body of OQ and created to ensure that the company's values and mission are upheld in its operations. The DAO's structure allows for a decentralised decision-making process, with a community of partners having a direct say in the company's activities. It is a democratic global corporation that prioritise partnerships over hierarchical power dynamics.

In summary, the OQ-DAO and OQ Consulting BV were established to promote a caring and inclusive society that upholds human rights, gender equality, and environmental justice. The company's work is grounded in a commitment to challenge the dominant economic model and promote a more holistic approach that values human rights, gender equality, social well-being, and environmental justice.

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