The OQ-DAO is a democratic company that prioritises partnerships over hierarchical power dynamics.

The main objective of the OQ-DAO is to promote a caring and inclusive society that upholds human rights, gender equality, and environmental justice.

OQ-DAO values and respects the diversity of all individuals and promotes human rights and gender equality by breaking down patriarchal norms and correcting past structural inequalities.

OQ-DAO promotes caring economics, a new economic mindset driven by the desire to create a society that prioritises the well-being of individuals and the environment over profits, and to contribute to the framing of a new human-rights-based and inclusive economic model that cares for people and the planet.

This objective is achieved through the development and implementation of programs and initiatives aimed at transforming patriarchal structures and systems, challenging the root causes of unequal power relations, and supporting processes that correct inequalities and harm caused by discrimination and injustices in the past.

OQ-DAO seeks to promote gender equality and empower individuals of all genders to fully enjoy their human rights, to live and thrive in a fair and equal society. This is done through collaborative efforts with other organisations, individuals, and communities to build a collective movement for mainstreaming gender equality perspectives and promote sustainable and lasting change that increases quality of life for all.

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